E A S  P H O T O G R A P H Y

Girl on pool float, funboy,
girl leaning out window
model in swimsuit 
Triangl swimsuit
Portrait Boston photographer
coachelle inspired photoshoot
Coachella inspired photo shoot
Miss Massachusetts USA
girl on beach
ice castle easphotography
girl in field Coachella
girl wearing Calvin Kline
fashion shoot
fashion shoot
Girl on white background
singer/songer writer
black and white photo of girl in studio
model in swimsuit 
girl with roller skates, vw bug
blond girl in window, black and white
Fitness shoot
black and white fashion shoot
beauty portrait EAS Photography
girl with red body paint
knee high socks, geek glasses, morning coffee
girl on couch next to window
girl in sweater
fashion shoot
black and white portrait, Lingerie
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